A Breastfeeding Coalition with Lactation Support For Mothers of Color & Their Families 

We want all of the mothers and families to experience the impressive level of professionalism and get the help they need when they need it when working with Milk Like Mine!. While we only meet once a month for coalition meetings to discuss ways to improve breastfeeding in our community and once a month for the Sistah to Sistah Breastfeeding Club for pregnant and breastfeeding women of color, we know there are times in between then that you may need some help so give us a call, an text, send us an inbox on Facebook or send us an email we are here for you. WE ARE NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL VISITS AND


Want to learn more about our services or want to talk breastfeeding concerns in the community? Contact us by phone, text, inbox, or email anytime or come see us virtually via zoom upon your request: 
Coalition meetings are every second Saturday of the month from 2pm to 4pm.
Sistah to Sistah Breastfeeding Club is every fourth Thursday from 5:45pm to 6:45pm.

Lactation/ Breastfeeding visits need via zoom: call, text, inbox or email

We Are Available Right After Hospital Discharge

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More About Milk Like Mine!

How We Got Here...We the cofounders Rickeshia and Stephanie both started out as breastfeeding Peer Counselors at the Calhoun County WIC office. While we worked there years apart we have always had a lot in common but what shined more brightly than any of the things we had in common was that we both share an extreme passion for breastfeeding and a grave concern for the African American disparities in our community, since opening we have expanded to address disparities for all women of color. That's what caused us to want to form or own coalition. We're now both credentialed in lactation one as a  CLS (Certified Lactation Specialist) and CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) and both working toward our IBCLC certification. Long after we achieve that goal, we will continue to pursue our passion helping mothers breastfeeding right here in our community!

We want to help mothers of color and their families in our community to succeed in breastfeeding from a group that is a true representation of self. Because we've been where you are, we live here and we work here. We have struggled and overcome and want you to as well. Here, at MLM we will be able to lean on each other in the community and we WILL grow. As strong as we are as people of color, our babies can be stronger and live longer. We want to make that happen with you, showing everyone that mother of color in Battle Creek breastfeed too! 


Our Team

Rickeshia Williams, CLS

Co Founder and Facilitator

Stephanie Freeman, CLC

Co Founder and Facilitator

Jazimien Clark

Coalition Member

Community Outreach &Resource Coordinator

TraVonna Smith

Coalition Member

Rayven Felix

Coalition Member

Shanequa Kemp

Coalition Member

Talena White

Coalition Member

Lacretha Perkins

Coalition Member 

Chief of Marketing and Media

Desiree Bannister

Coalition Member

Photo Documentarian 

Jessie Reyes

Coalition Member

Birth Doula

Our breastfeeding coalition meetings are a safe space for our mothers of color and community members to come together virtually (Pandemic Precaution) every second Saturday of the month for some real talk on disparities, how to overcome breastfeeding barriers, what support is needed in our community, event planning and more! This is not only a breastfeeding friendly space, but a kid friendly space! We have a kid friendly video and snacks for them too! (when meeting in person) We want to make improvements, we want to help make positive changes in our breastfeeding  rates, but it starts with you! one of the Beautiful things about our Coalition is not only Can you get lactation support during the meeting but we feel your voice is valuable even if you Did Not Breastfeed! Fathers, your voices should be heard too . . . And we want to hear from you Join us every 2nd Saturday From 2 to 4 pm light treats and refreshments provided when and if meetings are held in person.

The Sistah to Sistah Breastfeeding Club meets every last Thursday of the month (VIRTUALLY for now due to Covid 19). This Club is For women of color who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Here you can talk Freely with other mothers Just like yourself about any and everything.We offer lactation support, food (when meeting in person), and breastfeeding supplies, so that if needed we can help you through any issue you may be having. Join us every Last Thursday of the month from 5:45 pm to 6:45pm•

see you soon.


Milk like Hers, Milk like Yours, Milk Like Mine!

We have been working hard to get Milk Like Mine! going so that we can have our offical debut as a coalition a public resource on August 28th of 2019 during Black Breastfeeding Week. Here at Milk Like Mine! we're proud to serve the Battle Creek community. We’re committed to not only providing quality but lasting solutions with YOUR INPUT AND YOUR IDEAS for what will work and what has prevented breastfeeding from working. We want to go above and beyond what's been done before to bridge the gap in the numbers of the African American babies and other babies of color breastfed in our community to or counterparts to ensure our babies, the mamas and families that feed them are completely satisfied and are as healthy as they can be. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

In Light Of the  Covid-19 Pandemic

To respect the health and wellbeing of all of our mothers, community members, and the children who would normally attend our meetings, we are meeting virtually and offering services for lactation support virtually  as soon as hospital discharge! If further help is need we are willing to make arrangements with and for you for you to get the very best in person care in your time of need and connect you with additional recourses.  

More About Milk Like Mine!

We had been  meeting in a conference room in Parkway Manor on Truth Dr. This is the perfect location for us to start in for a few reasons; the first being the location itself. Parkway Manor is in the Heart of the community! If needing help with breastfeeding is a barrier to starting, continuing and doing well, and you do not have transportation to get the help; we may be able to change that; by being in a location that’s closer to where the breastfeeding families live. The second reason is in the name of the street; "Truth Dr." Pulling in mothers of color and their  families from the community to talk about the "whats", the "whys", and the "hows" we need to be able to tell the TRUTH to make a difference and a change. And last but most certainly not least, this building is ran by African Americans in the same community we are trying to serve. They also provide several free services to our community and allow other community resources to come in during one of their events to educate the community on what Battle Creek has to offer. Best of all for us, THEY BELIEVE  IN WHAT WE WILL DO AS A COALITION WITH LACTATION SUPPORT! 


Exceeding Your Expectations

Lactation Support 

If we are going to improve the breastfeeding rates we know good support and education is needed so beyond the coalition that's what we want to offer all the the Mothers of Color and their Families who want and need it.  In collaboration with our sisters in Southeastern Michigan IBCLC's of Color we are offering weekly virtual breastfeeding support groups from 3 to 4 pm every Saturday. Tune in to Facebook for details! 


Coalition Meetings for Women of Color Monthly 

Our meetings are always open to  breastfeeding mothers of color and their families from Battle Creek and Calhoun County. These meetings will take place with members of our coalition who also live in the community and will sometimes feature guests from other African American organizations or that serve people of color that want to improve breastfeeding rates and or specialize in dispensaries and inequities. This may include women or men that may not have children but are committed toward reducing maternal and infant disparities. This is currently happening via zoom.

Sistah to Sistah Breastfeeding Club

This is a mother to mother support group for pregnant and breastfeeding women of color in the community as the rest of our services are free of charge,  fun to attend and an open space for expression for what you're going through in your journey. This is currently happening virtually via zoom. 

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